2022 OAQHA Challenge

The 2022 OAQHA Challenge has wrapped up, and was a resounding success! Ontario's top non-pro exhibitors faced off on challenge patterns among intense competition. It was the most full we have seen the stands in a long time! 

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers and exhibitors. We look forward to running the Challenge again in 2023 and welcome any feedback. 

This initiative would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors, recognized below





      OQHA Executive/Board of Directors


      Shari Irwin


      Sherrill Tisdale

      Past President

      Klaus Zabel

      1st Vice President

      Andrew Dewar

      2nd Vice President

      Carrie Farr

      Treasurer/Director at Large

      Haley Clark

      Recording Secretary/Director at Large

      Mallory McKewen

      Webmaster/Area 2 Director

      Todd Laidlaw

      Area 1 Director/Executive

      Holly Robinson

      Area 2 Director

      Kelly Sparks

      Area 2 Director

      Jessica Lange

      Area 2 Director

      Corey Taylor

      Area 3 Director/Executive

      Janna MacMullin

      Area 3 Director

      Cale Thompson

      Area 3 Director

      Sheryl Chillson

      Area 5 Director/Executive

      Val Love

      Director at Large


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