Show Summary: Area 2 Spring Kick-Off

Show Summary: Area 2 Spring Kick-Off

Show Summary

Prepared by Area 2 President, Kharli Friske


The Spring Kick-Off for 2023 is in the books and was a great launch to the Ontario Show season.

The show planning begins just as the season is ending for the previous year. For 2023 the goal of the show was to give back and much as we could to exhibitors with a focus on youth initiatives. Several months before the show starts information and incentives get presented to the Area 2 members and potential show participants via our website and social media. Closer to the show we start to focus on highlighting our sponsors and show staff. We promote our sponsors online and did a focus on “Meet the Show Staff” this year so people could get to know our Show Secretary, Show Manager, Ring Stewards, Gate Person, Announcer and Show Office Staff. We want people to know faces so that our show team is treated with respect and decorum.

Area 2 always tries to implement new ideas every year to see what is successful and what we can adapt for the years to come. To help offset some of the financial costs of horse showing this year we offered a $50 stall credit for horses entered in the show. We also offered exhibitors an early move in as some exhibitors are coming from a distance and can spend 2 days travelling or training barns are arriving with several horses to get settled.

Entry numbers were similar to previous years and Select/Amateur classes showed good numbers with 2-3 point classes. The Western Amateur Walk/Jog trail and western pleasure events were popular and were 2 point competitive classes. We are also proud to be the first qualifying event for the Provincial Championships being held at the Summer Finale Show at the end of August. There were 89 horses entered in the show and several of these horses crossed over divisions with L1, Amateur/Youth and Open riders.

We are challenged to attract all possible exhibitors in Ontario as our show is the weekend following the AQHA L1 Championships in Ohio and several exhibitors from Ontario attended. We hold this show at a new event centre in Ancaster, Ontario which includes a heated indoor arena and stalls under one roof along with a separate indoor arena for warming up. This facility is in high demand and we have unfortunately have no other dates to use for our show to avoid this conflict. Despite this, we do our best to make the first show of the Ontario season a memorable one for all who attend.

There were several events for all in attendance to take part in. For everyone there was a free Pizza Night, which also featured our 2022 Area 2 awards night, which was very well attended. Every morning of the show free coffee was offered at the food booth from 7-9 am and there was a complimentary all-day snack table with granola bars and cookies.

There were several random draws of donated gift baskets, gift certificates and donated prizes handed out throughout the show. We received a large sponsorship from Hoof Doctor that allowed us to give a tin of the product to everyone at the show. We have tried in previous years to court sponsors and sell businesses booth space at the show (trade show style) with variable success. This year booth space was available to sponsors if requested at no charge. Three large sponsors took advantage and set up throughout the weekend (Unity Pad, Hoof Doctor and CW Saddle Pads).

To recognize achievements, all placings from 1st-6th exhibitors can choose from picking up a ribbon, roll of Vetrap or a chocolate bar for their success, chocolate bars are always the favorite!

For youth exhibitors the goal was to give them additional recognition and rewards. Every youth class had placings announced in the pen instead of being excused and announced later. For the small fry classes, ribbons and gift bags were also handed out in the ring. The youth involved in the World Cup offered First Aid Kits and wearable swag to purchase as a fundraiser throughout the show.

There were All-around circuit awards awarded for L1 Youth/Amateur, Amateur, Select and Walk/Jog/Trot (Saddle Pads from Unity Pad-new Ontario product for Youth/Amateur/Select and a padded garment bag or western saddle pad bag from Painted Dreams - an Ontario small business - for L1 Youth/Amateur/Walk-Job). As a new initiative this year there were also Class circuit champion gift certificates awarded for a professional photo from the show photographer – Lone Oak Photography. We also had 25 money added classes ($100 added that paid out to 4th place) that included all showmanship classes and most open/amateur/select and youth classes.

The ribbon/chocolate bar/vetrap options are always well received and the new offering of class circuit awards to recognize achievements of more individuals was a success, and many thanks received from exhibitors. The competition was tough and fun and a good start to the season. We saw people try out different divisions as there was money added to most Youth, Amateur and Select classes.

This show is a collaborative effort of our board, show management and volunteers. Many of the initiatives are possible due to our generous sponsors. CQHA and their funding is an integral part of the experience we can offer to exhibitors and continue the competitive quarter horse industry in Ontario.


Award Winners

All Around High-Points

  • L1 Youth Walk/Jog – Hayley Drummond & Extremely Shocking
  • L1 Youth – Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On
  • Youth – Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On
  • L1 Amateur Walk/Jog – Nicholas Mailhot & A Boys Legacy
  • L1 Amateur – Danielle Bannerman & Keeping Sundi Good
  • Amateur – Sarah Donaldson & Crossin The Line
  • Select Amateur – Rob Rivait & Shez Paidtobe Sleepy

Circuit Champions

  • 1. L1 Youth Walk/Jog Trail – Jordan Carney & Keeping Sundi Good
  • 2. L1 Am Walk/Jog Trail – Jacqueline Woods & VS Shes A Flatliner
  • 3. L1 Trail – Invite Me If Its Hot & Stephanie Burns
  • 4. L1 Youth Trail – Sadie MacPhail & Sheza Chocolate Kat
  • 5. L1 Am Trail – Stephanie Burns & Only A Machine
  • 6. Open Trail – Maybelline & Suzanne Duquette
  • 7. Senior Trail – Good To Be Macho & Ben Debrouwer
  • 8. Youth Trail – Adyson Padgett & Charlies Version
  • 9. Am Select Trail – Ben Debrouwer & Good To Be Macho
  • 10. Am Trail – Sarah Donaldson & Crossin The Line
  • 11. Small Fry Walk/Jog – Hayley Drummond & Extremely Shocking
  • 12. Small Fry Lead Line – Brooklyn Lange & Hez Flat Out Gifted
  • 13. L1 Western Riding – Tracy Beck & Bettythebattcatcher
  • 14. L1 Am Western Riding – Tracy Beck & Bettythebattcatcher
  • 15. Open Western Riding – Good To Be Macho & Ben Debrouwer
  • 16. Am Western Riding – Ben Debrouwer & Good To Be Macho
  • 17. L1 Youth Walk/Jog WP – Hayley Drummond & Extremely Shocking
  • 18. L1 Am Walk/Jog WP – Laura Lee McKewen & Shez Settin The Bar
  • 19. L1 WP – Made So Cool & Glen Patterson
  • 20. L1 Youth WP – Willy Makesya Wonder & Monica Collins
  • 21. L1 Am WP – Leanne Rapley & Hes Made By Moonlite
  • 22. Jr WP – Made The Big Time & Rick Fleetwood
  • 23. Am Select WP – Catherine Chovance & Made The Big Time
  • 24. Am WP – Cynthia Glover & Lazy N Shy
  • 25. Youth WP – Brielle Nielson & Slow Floatin Machine
  • 26. Sr WP – Willy Wanna Win This & Jason Duquette
  • 27. L1 Youth Walk/Jog Horsemanship – Hayley Drummond & Extremely Shocking
  • 28. L1 Am Walk/Jog Horsemanship – Jacqueline Woods & VS Shes A Flatliner
  • 29. L1 Youth Horsemanship – Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On
  • 30. L1 Am Horsemanship – Shelley Martini & Looks Good N Red
  • 31. Am Select Horsemanship – Rob Rivait & Shez Paidtobe Sleepy
  • 32. Am Horsemanship – Amber Zabel & Sleepy Monn
  • 33. Youth Horsemanship – Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On
  • 34. L1 Am Ranch Riding – Diane Cellini & Its Good To Be Luved
  • 35. L1 Youth Ranch Riding – Sadie MacPhail & Sheza Chocolate Kat
  • 36. Open Ranch Riding – Lil Chics Cash & Jessie Cofell
  • 37. Am Ranch Riding – Diane Cellini & Its Good To Be Luved
  • 38. Youth Ranch Riding – Sadie MacPhail & Sheza Chocolate Kat
  • 39. Open Reining – Lil Chics Cash & Jessie Cofell
  • 40. 3 yr old Mares – CM Only Girl & Janet Deschambault
  • 41. Aged Mares – Sparklz & Rick Leek
  • 42. Performance Mares – Lite Sleeper & Rick Fleetwood
  • 43. Am 3 yr old Mares – Janet Deschambault & CM Only Girl
  • 44. Am Aged Mares – Joanne Vandergunst & Just Love My Ty
  • 45. Am Performance Mares – Jody O’Neill & Lite Sleeper
  • 46. Youth Performance Mares – Madison Glover & Lazy N Shy
  • 47. 2 yr old Geldings – Ima Gunner Kid & Rick Leek
  • 48. Aged Geldings – Cool Cowboy Machine & Andrew Dewar
  • 49. Performance Geldings – A Certain Chex & Andrew Dewar
  • 50. Am 2 yr old Geldings – Lucas Alcock & Coastin For A Kiss
  • 51. Am Aged Geldings – Sarah McCoy & So Bloomin Lazy
  • 52. Am Performance Geldings – Susan Manning & A Certain Chex
  • 53. Youth Performance Geldings – Brooklyn Lange & Hez Flat Out Gifted
  • 54. L1 Am Showmanship – Nicolas Mailhot & A Boys Legacy
  • 55. L1 Youth Showmanship – Sadie MacPhail & Sheza Chocolate Kat
  • 56. Am Select Showmanship – Rob Rivait & Shez Paidtobe Sleepy
  • 57. Am Showmanship – Cynthia Glover & Lazy N Shy
  • 58. Youth Showmanship – Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On
  • 59. Small Fry Showmanship – Hayley Drummond & Extremely Shocking
  • 60. L1 Youth Walk/Trot HUS – Sara Giasson & Your Making Me Hot
  • 61. L1 Am Walk/Trot HUS – Brooke Goulding & Only A Good Krymsun
  • 62. L1 HUS – Take A Chance Onn Me & Tracey Patterson
  • 63. L1 Youth HUS – Monica Colliins & Willy Makesya Wonder
  • 64. L1 Am HUS – Megan Banks & Three Times An Asset
  • 65. Jr HUS – My Best Thinking & Suzanne Duqette
  • 66. Am Select HUS – Sheryl Chillson & Take A Chance Onn Me
  • 67. Am HUS – Kelly Sparks & My Best Thinking
  • 68. Youth HUS – Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On
  • 69. L1 Youth Walk/Trot HSE – Hayley Drummond & Extremely Shocking
  • 70. L1 Am Walk/Trot HSE – Sarah McCoy & So Bloomin Lazy
  • 71. L1 Youth HSE – Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On
  • 72. L1 Am HSE – Danielle Bannerman & Keeping Sundi Good
  • 73. Am Select HSE – Pat Chamberland & Its Paid To Be Good
  • 74. Am HSE – Sarah Donaldson & Crossin The Line
  • 75. Youth HSE – Sadie MacPhail & Sheza Chocolate Kat


OAQHA Provincial Championship Qualifiers 


Show Supporters

Running great events like this would not be possible without all of the volunteers, staff, and sponsors who make it happen! 

Area 2 Board

Kharli Friske, Marie Muir, Danielle Gauthier, Sherrill Tisdale, Shelley Martini, Chris McLellan, Jody O’Neill, Sandra Walters, Kathryn McLellan, Danielle Bannerman

Show Staff

  • Show Secretary: Shonda Wilson
  • Show Manager: Jodi Nagy
  • Gate Person: Shari Irwin
  • Announcer: Brad Bowie
  • Ring Stewards: Val Love & Amy Van Damme
  • Show Office Staff: Kari Newton, Sherrill Tisdale, Carrie Farr
  • Trail Rakers: Jody O’Neill & Mike Nagy
  • Showmanship Walker: Sue Gueguen


  • Brand Felt
  • Hoof Doctor
  • Pleasant Ridge
  • Woodley Quarter Horses
  • CW Saddle Blanket Company
  • Joanne and Darren Vandergunst
  • Janet Dawson 
  • JS Quarter Horses 
  • Green Hawk 
  • Hoshkircheb Family &  Danielle Bannerman
  • Joanne & Paul Straus
  • Lone Oak Equine Photography
  • Sonya Vilandre - Vilandre Designer
  • Cool Water Quarter Horses & CW Highpoint Inc. 
  • The Body Shop
  • Painted Dreams
  • Kristen Ego
  • Kharli Fiske
  • Shari Irwin
  • Sheryl Chillson
  • Kerr & Kerr Landscaping
  • Rick Fleetwood Show Horses
  • Andrew Dewar / Dewar Performance Horses
  • Shauna MacLean Performance Horses
  • Boreal Pet foods
  • Aitchison Show Horses
  • Debbie Pereira
  • Leanne Karoles /Ace Therapy 
  • The Zabel Family
  • Patty Lynn & John Clayton
  • Alice’s Food Booth


Show Photos

From Show Photographer Mary White of Lone Oak Photography


Provided by Area 2 President, Kharli Friske