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OQHA is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing  beneficial services for its members that enhance and encourage  quarter horse ownership and participation in OQHA events. OQHA is  an affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and is  the official liaison between AQHA and the quarter horse industry in the  province of Ontario. 

To help encourage the continued growth of our industry in Ontario,  OQHA holds a Level 1 introductory show. This show is used to  introduce new exhibitors to quarter horse showing. We also spend  $20,000 a year in various year end awards that are given to our Hi Point and Reserve Hi-Point award winners across our Open, Amateur  and Youth divisions. Hosting our shows and supplying all award winners with year and awards is a costly endeavor and we are asking  for your generous support to help reach our goals and to continue to  encourage the growth of our industry. 

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities please  contact Holly Robinson at oqhasponsorship@gmail.com or 519-389-8494.


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  To expand awareness of American Quarter Horses worldwide and to comply with and develop rules and procedures to assist the International Affiliates of AQHA in this endeavor,” and (ii) publish established International Affiliates in AQHA’s Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations under rule GEN122.