The Provincial Championship is a prestigious event for Non-Pro exhibitors. There is no cost to qualify, but you must attend at least one Area Promotional Club show throughout the season to have a chance to make the Finals. See full details below.


2024 Qualifiers

Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off

2024 Qualifiers

Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off

2024 Qualifiers

Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off
Area 2 Spring Kick-Off

2024 Standby List

Several exhibitors will earn a ticket to the Provincial Finals on Standby! See the list of next highest scores here. Will be continuously updated after each Qualifying Event.

2024 OAQHA Provincial Championship

The OAQHA Provincial Championship will bring together the top Non-Pros across all age divisions (Youth/Amateur/Select) to face-off on a highly challenging pattern. The Championship Finals will offer some of the best prizes and payback of the season to recognize the success, hard work, and dedication of our exhibitors. 

The events offered will be Showmanship, Horsemanship, and Hunt Seat Equitation. Your opportunity to qualify will run concurrently with your Youth, Amateur, or Select class. 25 total exhibitors will be invited to compete in the Finals. 

The Provincial Championship was built with several objectives in mind, key goals as follows:

Support Affiliates/Regional Weekend Shows

      • Promote participation at regional affiliate shows by advertising as a qualifying event 
      • Promote participation at the OQHA Summer Finale, positioning this show as a Provincial Championship to attract all of Ontario’s finest, while also encouraging participation from beyond Ontario 
      • Reduce attrition - give our longstanding exhibitors a reason to show on Canadian soil against the level of competition they crave
Encourage Goal Setting Among Non-Pros
      • Encourage L1 exhibitors to step up into their Youth/Amateur/Select class at the weekend shows to help support the shows and class sizes
      • Give exhibitors something to strive for, and push themselves outside of typical comfort zones with challenging patterns and more diverse competition in the Finals
Prepare Canadian Exhibitors for the Fall Majors
    • Provide a highly competitive environment different from the typical weekend show for exhibitors to prepare for upcoming trips to Congress, World Show, etc. 
    • Increase exposure for our exhibitors - use online channels to put Canada on the map, showcasing our top talent


    One of the key goals of the Provincial Championship is to promote participation at the regional (Area Promotional Club) shows throughout the province of Ontario. Each regional show will serve as a qualifying event.

    25 exhibitors will compete in the Finals, by invitation only. To get to this number, 4 qualifiers will be taken from the following 5 events. Additional spots will be filled from the Standby List until we have 25 exhibitors in the Final. See further Standby List details below. 

    Qualifying Events 

    • Area 2 Spring Kick-off, Ancaster Fairgrounds: May 9-12
    • Area 1 Sunsational Summer Circuit, Ilderton Fairgrounds: May 30 - June 2
    • Borderland/NLQHA, Emo: June 28 - 30
    • Area 3 Summerama, Essa Agriplex: June 29 - July 2
    • EOQHA Summer Sizzler, Carp Fairgrounds: August 1 - 4th

    Total number of qualifiers from these events = 20  

    Once a horse/rider combination has qualified, they are in. This means that if a qualified exhibitor earns another Top 3 score at a later show in the season, the next highest scoring non-qualified exhibitor at that show will receive an invitation. etc. 

    Standby List 

    A standby list will be kept of the next highest scores of horse/rider combinations not currently qualified. 

    The standby list will also be used to fill unused spots in the final so that we have 25 shown in each event. (ie. If a qualifier is unable to attend the event, the next highest score on the standby list would be qualified). 

    The standby list will be updated after each qualifying event and sorted from highest average score to lowest. Your score on the standby list will be your best weekend score of the season on a per-qualifying event basis. 

    New for 2024 - While we will tabulate all the scores from each show for the standby list we will only post scores of 70 or above. This does not mean that you cannot get in with a score below 70. If we reach that point in the standby list where we are inviting those exhibitors with a score lower than 70 we will make the next 10 highest scores visible. 

    Score Tabulation

    To ensure a level playing-field exhibitors must show in the Level 3 class in their division (ie. Amateur, Select, Youth) to qualify for the Provincial Championships. Scores will be tabulated using the judge’s scores from the Level 3 at each of the qualifying circuits. 

    For circuits with 3 or more judges, scores will be tabulated by taking the average of the exhibitor’s scores over the course of the circuit. The exhibitor’s lowest score will be dropped from the tabulation. 

    For circuits with 2 or less judges scores will be tabulated by taking the average of the exhibitor’s scores. The lowest score will not be dropped.


    In the event of a tie for the 4th qualification spot, both (or all) tied exhibitors will receive an invitation to the finals. 

    Entry Requirements

    Once an exhibitor has qualified they will be sent a “qualifier packet” this will include the entry form for the Provincial Championship event, an overview of the event (rules etc.) as well as the stall booking form for the Summer Finale. This will also include information about the jacket program and allow qualifiers to purchase their jacket. 

    The cost to enter each Provincial Championship Finals will be $35 for OQHA members or $50 for non-members. 

    Qualifiers must have paid and submitted their entry form by August 9th, 2024. This is to allow those who qualified from the EOQHA show time to enter but also allow us time to invite the standby exhibitors.


    The Finals

    Pattern Selection 

    The intent of the Provincial Championship is to encourage our exhibitors to step up their game and compete on patterns more challenging than typically seen at an Ontario show. 

    To select the patterns in an unbiased fashion an AQHA professional horseperson who is not a stakeholder in Ontario will be asked to create and provide the pattern. 

    The person selecting the patterns will be given the following parameters:

    • Patterns are to be World Show quality (the person selecting the pattern will be given 2023 OAQHA Challenge patterns as a guide)
    • Patterns must fit nicely in the Ancaster Fairgrounds Arena


    The Provincial Championship is schedule to run throughout the schedule of the OQHA Summer Finale Show in Ancaster, Ontario at the following times: 

    Horsemanship: Wednesday, August 28, last class of the day 

    Hunt Seat Equitation: Thursday, August 29, last class of the day

    Showmanship: Friday, August 30, last class of the day (There is a full slate of Ranch Riding classes prior to the Showmanship)


    We will be taking a 30 minute break prior to each Provincial Championship class. This will give exhibitors ample time to prepare their horses after showing in regular AQHA classes all day.

    Class Procedure

    All 25 horses will perform their pattern. For Horsemanship and Hunt Seat Equitation, as judges complete their score sheets they will be given to score tabulaters. Once all horses have completed their pattern we will take a five minute pause to call back the top 15 horses for rail work. This will ensure the safety of the exhibitors and better visibility for judging. In addition, only the Provincial Champion will be left on the rail when they are announced. For the Showmanship, the top 15 will be called back for placings. 

    Provincial Championship FAQs

    Will there be a buy-in option for 2024? 

    OAQHA does not plan to offer a buy-in option for 2024. While this was a nice way to boost payback in 2022, one of the key goals is to promote participation at regional (Area Promotional Club) shows throughout the season. For this reason, you are not required to compete at all qualifying events to earn a spot in the Finals but the only way to get in is through competing and earning a top score at one of the qualifying events. 

    If I qualify two horses can I show both in the Finals? 

    While the Finals are non-sanctioned, AQHA rules will be followed. For this reason, you can only show one horse in the Finals. If an exhibitor qualifies multiple horses, you may choose which one you would like to show in the Finals. An additional horse/rider combination will be invited from the Standby List to fill the spot. 

    If one horse qualifies with two exhibitors, can both show in the Finals? 

    While the Finals are non-sanctioned, AQHA rules will be followed. For this reason, only one exhibitor can show a horse in the Finals. If a horse qualifies with multiple exhibitors, you may choose which exhibitor will show in the Finals. An additional horse/rider combination will be invited from the Standby List to fill the spot. 

    Can I compete in the Finals with a different horse than who I qualified with?

    All qualification invitations will be on a one horse/one rider basis. You must compete in the Finals on the horse with which you qualified. 

    If I don’t live in Ontario, can I qualify and compete?

    Absolutely! We encourage exhibitors from surrounding provinces and states to come to Ontario and show. Ontario has great facilities, competition, and shows and would love to share this with exhibitors from elsewhere. 

    Do I need to be an OQHA/OAQHA member to qualify and compete?

    No. While OAQHA encourages you to consider a membership, the goal is to ensure that those who qualify and earn a spot in the Finals are eligible to compete, attracting the best of the best to the Summer Finale show. There is no requirement nor fee to be eligible to qualify, as long as you show at one of the qualifying events. Note that the Finals registration fee will be discounted for OQHA members, so if it’s something you’re considering the value should outweigh the cost!

    CQHA membership is required but free and easy to sign up online at

    Can I qualify through my Level 1 class? 

    No, however we do thoroughly encourage Level 1 eligible exhibitors to step up and work toward competing in the Provincial Championship Finals. There will be special awards and recognition for the high placing Level 1 exhibitors in the Finals. 

    The reason that Level 1 scores will not be included in the qualification averages are twofold: 

    1. Level Playing Field - Since the patterns are typically different for the L1 and L3 divisions, the average scores would not be ‘apples to apples’. Since not all exhibitors are eligible for L1 but all are eligible for L3, it will be the L3 (Youth/Amateur/Select) scores used to ensure fairness. 
    2. Promote Participation - It helps the show and Ontario QH community to have larger class sizes. Larger L3 classes will help more Ontario horses to earn AQHA Lifetime Achievement Awards such as World Show Qualification, ROMs, Superiors, Versatilities, AQHA Champions, etc. We encourage those who are L1 eligible to step up and show in their respective L3 division in order to qualify for the Championship Finals. 
    What happens once I’ve qualified? 

    Once you’re in, you’re in! If you qualify a second time, we will move down the list and invite the next high score. All qualifiers will be spotlighted via the OAQHA Social Media and website throughout the season after each qualifying event. A key goal is to increase exposure and recognition for exhibitors and their horses. 

    The registration link will be sent to all qualifiers. There will be a deadline to register such that individuals from the standby list can be invited based on registrations received. 

    We do encourage all qualifiers to book their stall at the Summer Finale ASAP to avoid disappointment. 

    If I’m on the Standby List, what are my chances of getting in?

    25 will compete in the Finals. Since 21 horse/rider pairs will be invited through the qualifying events, a minimum of four spots will remain open for exhibitors on the Standby List. Additional exhibitors will be invited from the Standby List dependent on registration. Several exhibitors will qualify from the Standby List, so be sure to keep a close eye on where you stand! 

    Can spectators come watch the Provincial Championship Finals?

    Absolutely! We had many spectators last year, and hope to see more in 2023. The Championship Finals will showcase the best of the best in their respective events. It’s a great opportunity to watch, learn, and set goals. 

    There will be no fee to spectate. Finals are scheduled throughout the showbill of the OQHA Summer Finale Show in Ancaster, Ontario at the following times: 

    • Equitation: Thursday August 31st, last class of the day 
    • Horsemanship: Friday September 1st, last class of the day
    • Showmanship: Saturday September 2nd, last Showmanship class (before lunch break)

    Show management reserves the right to amend the show schedule as required. 

    2023 Provincial Championship Results

    Past Champions - Equitation


    Judi Woodley & Mister Wise Guy


    Allison Reynolds & Huntin Secret Assets


    Sarah Black & Made To Sizzle

    Past Champions - Horsemanship


    Gillian Merkley & RW Get It On


    Amber Zabel & Sleepy Monn


    Mallory McKewen & Shez Settin The Bar

    Past Champions - Showmanship


    Katie Thompson & Gettin Bizy


    Katie Thompson & Gettin Bizy


    Cale Thompson & Where I Come From


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