The Ontario Quarter Horse Youth Association is a division of OQHA for members 18 years old and under. OQHYA members can participate in shows and for year end awards. Members have an opportunity to earn a place representing Ontario at Congress by trying out for the NYATT (National Youth Activity Team Tournament) Team. 

We encourage members to be active both in the show pen and outside of it by volunteering with fundraisers held each year. Youth have an opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills by running for a position on the OQHYA Executive/Board of Directors. 

If you have any questions about OQHYA activities or opportunity for youth, please don't hesitate to contact Youth Advisor Mallory McKewen at

Congress Youth Team

Each year, OQHA selects and sends a team of youth exhibitors to compete at Congress (in Ohio) in the National Youth Activity Team Tournament (NYATT). Updated forms & selection criteria coming soon. In the meantime if you have questions, reach out to Youth Advisor Mallory McKewen at

Youth Instagram Chat

The Youth have an Instagram chat (group message) to communicate. If you are not yet in the group, please reach out to Youth Advisor Mallory McKewen to be added.