Support OQHA with your everyday purchases. Check out Fundscrip!

Support OQHA with your everyday purchases. Check out Fundscrip!

Help us reach our goals and consider grabbing a gift card through Fundscrip to support the association!

How it works

- Visit the website:
- Click “Support a Group” and create an account
- Enter the Group ID: KXK72V
to support OQHA’s fundraising goals
- Shop for gift cards from over 200+ retailers! 💳🛍️

A few examples...

When would you use Fundscrip? Here are some examples to get the creative juices flowing! OQHA receives a kickback from every single purchase.

  • Gifting? Fundscrip offers so many gift card options to popular retailers including Gap Brands (Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, Athleta), Roots, Winners/HomeSense. Instead of grabbing a card from the wall at the grocery store or gas station, consider supporting OQHA at the same time!
  • Dinner with the "Barn Family"? Grab a gift card first! The Ultimate Dining Card is a safe one with many options, but there are tons of other restaurants available. 
  • Business Needs? Staples and Best Buy are Fundscrip options! Grab a gift card before purchasing new electronics or having a print order completed. 
  • Home Improvements? Home Hardware, Home Depot, Rona and Canadian Tire are all options. 
  • Fuel? We all need to buy fuel, especially as show season ramps up! Nearly every major gas station is on Fundscrip. 
  • Everyday Purchases? An Amazon gift card is essentially cash! In addition, nearly every grocery store chain is on Fundscrip. 

Fundscrip offers e-Gift cards to many of the retailers which can be in your inbox within 30 minutes. That makes it nearly as simple as just using your credit card at the store! A mailed plastic card option is also available if that's your preference.