Mallory McKewen & OneGoodHotPine

Mallory McKewen & OneGoodHotPine

The Horse

OneGoodHotPine known around the barn as "Cletus" is a 2012 gelding. He's by Zippo Hot Pine and out of a Zippos Mr Goodbar mare. When asked what's unique about Cletus, Mallory shared "he's the most kind-hearted horse I've ever had but yet the most challenging. I've got to manage his prep and surroundings carefully because mentally he's a little fragile, but I think that's part of what makes him my 'heart horse'. It definitely doesn't happen every time, but when he stays right there with me and we really nail a pattern it feels amazing!"

The Exhibitor

Mallory has been riding since the age of 3, and showing AQHA since lead line. She had a bit of a need for speed so preferred a jumper pony as a Youth, but had a bad fall leading to a broken arm so that's when her parents persuaded her toward the AQHA All Around. Her favourite event is Horsemanship but Showmanship is a close second! 

The Team

Mallory and Cletus have been a team since 2019 and their partnership has had some ups and downs. "In 2021 I almost lost Cletus. He reacted to a vaccine and it was an incredibly long road to recovery, there was a point when my goal was just to have him comfortable enough to remain my pet. I'm so happy to be showing him again, but he's totally my pet at the same time. He'll definitely retire in my backyard when the time comes." When asked about their proudest moment Mallory shared "probably our Congress Top 10 in Trail. On the way into the Celeste he had been spooking and being a little dramatic about the tent so I wasn't too sure how I was going to pilot him through a Trail pattern. I focused on just breathing deep and making sure he felt safe and we actually knocked out a pretty sweet run!"

What's Mallory most looking forward to about the Provincial Championship? "I love the energy. I'm excited for the feeling of my heart racing at the start cone, to see if we can push the limits and lay out a cool pattern."