Hall of Fame 2

Year Person Horse
1997 *George Coverdale
Don Nye
*Mick Pettypiece
King Clipper Joe
Show Tip
1998 *Pat Carter
Roy Ionson
*Harold Mather
Leo Sand
Style Bars
2003 *Walter Hellyer
Sue Nye
Fly Away Mac
2004 Aiden Finn
*Joan Mather
*Leon Paroian
*Alex Picov
*Bob Tweed
Kemps Poco Star
2005 Joan McMann
*Ron McMann
Ralph Pearson
Shes A Mac
2006 Peter Cameron
*Fred Fisher
*Jim Pratt
Otoes Goldenrod
2007 Vince Amlin
Al Patterson
Ima Kings Pistol
2008 Joe Carter
Valerie Love
Poco Ray Mount
2009 Ken McLellan
*Ray Storey
Bonanza Scorpion
2010 Joe Jarvis
John Roney
Mito Commander
2011 *George Egerton
Joe Hoskins
Red Mambo Jr
2012 Joe Rocket
2013 Kathy Patterson
Paul Straus
General Mito
2014 Dan Patterson Miss Docs Melody
2015 The Next Star
2018 George Laidlaw
OQHA Executive/Board of Directors


Shari Irwin


Sherrill Tisdale

Past President

Klaus Zabel

1st Vice President

Andrew Dewar

2nd Vice President

Carrie Farr

Treasurer/Director at Large

Haley Clark

Recording Secretary/Director at Large

Mallory McKewen

Webmaster/Area 2 Director

Todd Laidlaw

Area 1 Director/Executive

Holly Robinson

Area 2 Director

Kelly Sparks

Area 2 Director

Jessica Lange

Area 2 Director

Corey Taylor

Area 3 Director/Executive

Janna MacMullin

Area 3 Director

Cale Thompson

Area 3 Director

Sheryl Chillson

Area 5 Director/Executive

Val Love

Director at Large


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