Tracy Beck & BettyTheBattcatcher

Tracy Beck & BettyTheBattcatcher

As one of the Top 3 Non-Pro scores from the Area 1 June Show, Tracy Beck and her horse BettyTheBattcatcher have qualified for the OAQHA $2500 Challenge Finals in Showmanship! 

Read on to learn more about Tracy & "Betty/Halle"

About the Horse:

BettyTheBattcatcher, affectionalty known as "Betty or Halle" is a 2012 mare by Batt Man. 

About the Exhibitor:

Tracy is a Select exhibitor and "horse show mom" who has been riding and showing horses for 50 years! She began showing AQHA in 1979. 

About the Team: 

Tracy and Betty/Halle have been a team for 7 years. They've won numerous All Around Select awards and Provincial/Area 1 Year End awards. 

Interested in learning more about the OAQHA Challenge and how you can qualify for the Finals (to be held at the OQHA Summer Finale)? Click here for more details. 

Sincere thank you to the Canadian Quarter Horse Association for making this initiative possible.