OAQHA Stall Warming Welcome Application

The Stall Warming Welcome program is an initiative to lessen the barrier to entry to an exhibitor's very first AQHA show! 

The Ontario Amateur Quarter Horse Association has purchased a stall from each OQHA circuit in order to grant a stall free of charge to one exhibitor at each show. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have never competed at an AQHA sanctioned competition before the 2024 show season
  • Must be a Canadian Quarter Horse Association member. CQHA memberships are free of charge - sign up here
  • If not already an AQHA member, must purchase an AQHA membership prior to competing in AQHA sanctioned competition 
  • Must intend to compete in at least one class per split/combined show where the free stall has been granted

Application Process

  • Apply by filling in the form below. There is one application for the entire season.
  • Please select all shows that you would be able to attend. There will be one winner per show, and each winner is only eligible for one free stall. Once someone's name is drawn, they will be removed for future events to give everyone a chance. 
  • Deadline for the season: 11:59pm Sunday April 21, 2024
  • Applications will be reviewed for eligibility, but otherwise the selection process will be entirely by random draw to ensure fairness. 
  • Note that it is OAQHA's intention to offer this program at all Ontario Quarter Horse shows for the 2024 season (as listed on the application), however we are awaiting response from some clubs as to whether a stall is available. There is a chance that some shows may be withdrawn. This will be finalized before the draw takes place. 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to OAQHA President Mallory Melville (McKewen) at oqhamallory@gmail.com 



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